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Welcome to Troop 225 Home Page


Come Join Us!  Join anytime, boys and girls, ages 11-17

Troop 225 has a Boys Unit and a Girls Unit.  They form a "Linked Troop" approach by having one Troop Committee but separate programs.  Both units meet on the same day and time, but have separate programs run by the youth scout leaders.

 Meeting Day:  Tuesdays
 Meeting Time:  7:00 - 8:30
 Meeting Place:  Reedville Presbyterian Church

 Need to pay dues or want to make a donation?  Click here

Tree Recycling 2021-2022

It's that time of year again! Troop 225 will be offering tree recycling on 1/1/22, 1/2/22 and 1/8/22. We will start going through the neighborhood at noon each day. Trees can also be dropped off at Ladd Acres Elementary School between 8am-5pm.  We are also working with other troops in the area, so let us know if you need to know who to contact.

If your neighborhood has one of our signs, leave your tree by the curb.  We will pick up.  We start driving through the neighborhoods at noon each day.

Pickup Options:

1. Send us your address and day of pickup by entering info in this form:  Tree Pickup Request Form

2. Get your tree to the curb by noon, we will pick it up as we drive through the neighborhood.

3. Drop off at Ladd Acres

=> If we miss your tree, please email, call, or text.  (Some trees get behind cars or look like shrubs)

Ways to Donate -

  1. Attach check to tree by the curb
  2. Leave note on tree to pickup donation at the door
  3. Dropoff the donation and/or tree at Ladd Acres Elementary School
  4. Click here to donate Online

Suggested donation - $10 - $25

Did we miss your tree?  If we did, so sorry about that.  Please send us an email or call.

Not sure if you are in our area?  Contact us to find out.  There are three troops in Hillsboro, three in Aloha, and more in the neighboring areas.  Send us your address, and we'll connect you to the troop covering that area.

What Happens to my Tree?  Recycled trees become bark chips for trails in local parks.

For more info please call, text, or email us with the information below.

(971) 225-0066

Area Covered -

Here is the area we are covering.  You can still drop off if outside this area.  If unsure of which troop is covering your area, feel free to contact us.